CHESTAR OFFSHORES COMPANY LIMITED is a full-fledged oil servicing company providing professional engineering services, Dredging, Flood and erosion control, Shoreline Protection and Consolidation, Canalization, Urban Renewal and Reclamation Services.

Our strength derives from providing a complete project package i.e. from initial planning through design, construction, start up, operations and maintenance. We develop projects from the pre-feasibility phase through conceptual design, detailed design and implementation.

CHESTAR GROUP Services are not limited to the Nigerian oil and gas sections but also extended to the private and public sectors .
Our services cover the following areas of engineering:

  • Dredging
  • Flood and Erosion Control
  • Shoreline Protection & Consolidation
  • Canalization and
  • Urban Renewal and Reclamation Services


We possess the international back-end support to provide and lease various types and categories of marine equipment such as vessels, houseboats, barges, tugboats, etc. We understand our clients/ customers’ need and address these needs in a satisfactory manner to guarantee brand loyalty.

We pride in our seamless logistics services that focus on maximizing value for our customers by assisting them manage their long-term marine needs. Our primary focus is to build long term relationship that will translate into robust opportunities for all stakeholders.

CHESTAR GROUP handles both technical and operational human resource supply and management for Marine Industries as well as Oil and Gas companies. We are committed to supplying competent seafarers to meet the requirements of vessel crew promptly and at a competitive rate. We relief our clients the burden of screening and recruiting vessel crew and maintain a robust database system of potential competent employees that will serve our clients’ needs.

We are highly committed to delivering a cost-effective service to our clients but will never compromise the quality of equipments, merchandise and services that we offer our clients. We continue to review our quality management system to ensure it always conforms to the NIS ISO 9001-2000 international standards. We pledge to deliver quality goods and services at all times.



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